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Creating a Single Process that Engages Candidates and Improves Recruiting Success

Creating interest in your organization, brand, the opportunities it can hold, and the open positions you need to fill are all a critical part of your recruitment process. There is no doubt that candidates' relationships from the very beginning can drive a business forward. Achieving growth could very much be dependent on creating ongoing positive connections.

First, let’s make things clear - candidate experience is not the same thing as candidate engagement.

Candidate experience relates to the feelings a candidate develops toward the company’s hiring journey.

However, candidate engagement is a process that involves creating a relationship with candidates, which will provide them with information about the company, the potential position, and the requirements that it will entail. In other words, they should be given as much information as possible about where they may be headed if they were to be hired.

There are other methods to create engagement that don’t involve a recruiter that sends text messages and emails or calls candidates to simply remain in contact. Some additional and impactful methods may include several tech or automated fixes, which result in an engagement strategy that makes a recruiter’s life easier and also likely enhances your funnel’s quality tremendously. These tactics include:

  • Provide Data

Give as much information as you can about the position you want to fill. You can not only attract candidates who are interested in the specific job terms, but also provide as much insights about the workday as possible.

  • Utilize Tech

Technology is the execution arm of any candidate engagement agenda, but it does require preparing a sturdy strategy. You can start off by exploring new tools that correlate with the outcomes you want to produce and work your way to creating the automated workflows that benefit you the most.

  • Strengthen Relationships

Build a relationship with your candidates the minute they apply for a job within your company. Make them feel seen and important from the first encounter by giving them information, create a process that requires more than simply sending out you resume. If they care about the specific company and position they apply to, they will care about it also later on.

  • Engage Candidates from the Top

Increasing the quality of applicants from the get-go, which helps you find the best of the best, is an excellent way of driving company growth for both the short and long term. Planning a strategy for bringing more qualified talents to the top of the funnel will result in easier decision-making and reduced turnover.

Keep in mind that an untraditional, tech-involved, process will propel the improvement of your top-of-the-funnel recruiting methods and increase candidate engagement while doing so. To illustrate, an untraditional process could include a performance-based analysis that characterizes the specifics of the job that candidates applied to. When candidates are exposed to the unique aspects of the job and are assessed through them, they immediately become more engaged. Instead of just sending their resume over, writing a cover letter, and doing a little research on the company in the best-case scenarios, they can receive a taste of the potential role right away.

Making your recruitment process more transparent and information-accessible will drive engagement and boost a candidate’s interest and care for the role and organization as a whole.

As you know, first impressions are everything. As such, the first encounter that candidates have with the company will surely have impact in the long run and set up the stage to hire successful and committed employees. Making the extra effort to create that engagement and promote meaning from the very beginning is going to pay off long after the recruitment process has finished.

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