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A Next-Level Recruitment Solution

At TaTiO, we believe in creating an immersive recruitment experience that drives revenue and success in the staffing and recruiting industry.

We can attract, engage, and screen a larger pool of candidates with virtual job simulations.

Our simulations go beyond traditional job descriptions to create a captivating experience that ignites candidates' interest, motivates them to apply, and keeps them engaged.


Our Goal: Empowering Your Organization's Growth

We have assembled a team of experts who know the pains and challenges you face. Combining the insights gained from our staffing and recruiting backgrounds with the expertise of AI and tech professionals, we set out to solve these industry pain points. Our mission is to introduce solutions that propel your organization towards enhanced revenue and unparalleled success.


Goal-Driven Excellence

Results-focused, driving success for our clients in staffing

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Empowering Growth

Maximizing profitability and growth of our clients

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Client-Centric Approach

Clients come first. Our solutions are tailored to their needs

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Innovation and Adaptability

We embrace change, driving industry innovation


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Maya Huber

PhD, CEO & Co-founder


Mor Panfil

  • Linkedin

COO & Co-founder


Nir Familier

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Industry Experts & Tech Elite 

Led by Maya Huber, Mor Panfil, and Nir Familier, we bring extensive recruiting and tech experience to the table. With a thorough comprehension of the challenges, goals, and revenue-driven approach within the industry, we are well-equipped to address your organization's unique needs.

Maya Huber, Ph.D., brings a wealth of knowledge in career development and job analysis, backed by years of practical experience in successfully managing HR companies and directing a staffing agency.

Mor Panfil, a former CEO of a staffing agency specializing in governmental contracts, offers a profound understanding of the job market. Together they leverage over three decades of experience in staffing and recruiting and are passionately committed to delivering innovative solutions and effectively addressing the industry's challenges.


Advisory Board


Joseph Fuller

  • Linkedin

Prof. of Management Practice , Co-director of Managing the Future of Work Project, Harvard Business School


Sonya Meloff

  • Linkedin

Co-founder of Sales Talent Agency Inc. Former director at


 Efrat Dagan

  • Linkedin

Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Google, Lyft, Next Insurance


Chad Sowash

  • Linkedin

Business Leader, Host & Co-founder of the Chad & Cheese podcast


Ran Gishri

  • Linkedin

VP Marketing, Taboola

Cutting-Edge Technology and Virtual Job Simulations

Our research and development team comprises top-notch professionals from IDF's elite intelligence unit, 8200, led by CTO Nir Familier, who brings extensive technological expertise to the table. Together, we harness the power of Virtual Job Simulations to provide candidates with an interactive experience that goes beyond traditional job descriptions.


Awards and Accolades

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Discover the power of
Virtual Job Simulations



Candidates with immersive scenarios showcasing the job.



Candidates with next-level experience to drive application and connection.



Candidates with automated skill assessments.

Kickstart your recruitment
with TaTiO

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