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An Answer For Every Industry: Streamline Your Recruitment with Online Job Simulations

Elevate your recruitment strategy with our cutting-edge online job simulations, tailored for a wide range of roles and industries. Our platform provides a unique and immersive way for employers to assess the competencies of candidates, ensuring a perfect fit for your organizational needs. Discover the advantages of incorporating our simulations into your hiring process:



Simulate real-world logistics scenarios to evaluate candidates' adherence to procedures, safety awareness, and problem-solving abilities, essential for the fast-paced logistics sector. Gain insights into their ability to pick, pack, follow work protocols, and solve problems in a crowded and dangerous environment.

  • Roles Covered: Warehouse Associate, Sand Hauler, Delivery Truck Driver, Screener, Order Picker, Maintenance Technician, Machine Operator, Field Service Engineer.



Utilize simulations to test candidates' knowledge of healthcare practices, attention to detail, and patient communication skills, critical for roles that directly impact patient care and administrative accuracy.

  • Roles Covered: Pharmacy Technician, Medical Records Specialists, Patient Access Representative.



Experience retail simulations that challenge candidates to demonstrate their customer service prowess, sales skills, and ability to manage multiple tasks, ensuring they can contribute positively to the retail environment. Gain insights into their service orientation skills, problem-solving, and communication skills, and attention to detail.

  • Roles Covered: Fashion Sales Associate, Front-Line Worker in Retail.



Assess sales and communication skills through various simulated sales scenarios, highlighting candidates' ability to engage with customers, manage relationships, and drive revenue. This includes evaluating their service orientation, tone of voice, problem-solving, and ability to quickly learn how to operate a new CRM.,

  • Roles Covered: Sales Representative, Sales Development Representative, Business Development Representative.



Our simulations test how candidates handle guest interactions, problem resolution, and maintain standards of cleanliness and service, pivotal for roles that shape the guest experience.

  • Roles Covered: Front Desk Clerk, Housekeeping Cleaner.

Customer Support

Customer Support and Technical Support

Evaluate candidates' ability to coordinate multiple responsibilities and deal with various customers, including technical issues, while successfully operating a company’s CRM. Gain insights into their service orientation skills, tone of voice, problem-solving, and communication skills.

  • Roles Covered: Customer Support Representative, Technical Support Representative, Contact Center. 


Observe candidates as they navigate task intricacies, including problem-solving for mechanical and safety issues, customer and colleague interactions, attention to detail for cargo handling, and efficient route planning. Gain valuable insights into their problem-solving abilities, service orientation skills, and communication proficiency.

  • Roles Covered: Delivery Truck Driver.

Finance & Insurance

Finance & Insurance

Simulated scenarios assess candidates' ability to provide excellent service, navigate banking processes, evaluate claims based on company policies, and maintain client records. Gain insights into their service orientation, skills, tone of voice, and problem-solving skills.

  • Roles Covered: Bank Teller, Claims Representative.

Platform Benefits:


Engage Candidates

Immerse applicants in realistic job scenarios, making your recruitment process more interactive and insightful.


Assess With Precision

Gain deep insights into the practical skills, problem-solving abilities, and job readiness of your candidates.


Diverse Role Simulations

Select from an extensive library of job simulations, designed to reflect the specific challenges and requirements of various industries and roles.


Streamline Hiring

Efficiently identify the most suitable candidates for the job, reducing the time and resources spent on the recruitment process.

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