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Privacy Policy 

The terms of this Privacy Policy shall apply to any use of the Company's platforms  (including the Company's website, mobile application,  social media, etc.) and/or the purchase or use of the Company's services or products made on the Company's platforms and/or in any other way. Browsing the Company's  platforms and/or purchasing through them and/or other tools of the Company's services  and products, as well as any other use of the Company's platforms, constitutes approval  and consent of the User and/or purchaser (hereinafter: the "User") to the terms of the  following Privacy Policy, which are intended to add to the provisions specified in the  Articles of Association and Terms of Use published on the Company's website 


What Types of Information Do We Collect? 

As part of the use of the Company's platforms and company services, the User will be required to open a user account. In this context, the User may be asked to provide personal information such as his name, address, e-mail, password and username, gender,  area of residence, and year of birth - (hereinafter: "Personal Information" and/or  "Personal Details"). After opening an account for the user, it will be possible to add more details to his personal cards such as work experience and education. 

As part of the services provided by the Company, you will be asked, among other things,  to perform various tasks and answer structured questionnaires. As part of performing the tasks and filling out the questionnaires on the Company's platforms, you may be asked to allow the Company to record and/or sample your activities within the Company's platforms, among other things by video audio, sound, and session recording. 

In accordance with the aforementioned, please exercise discretion regarding your environment when approving such recording or sampling, as video or audio from your immediate area may be included in these recordings or samples.


Moreover, during the User's use of the Company's platforms, additional personal User information may be collected, such as interests, required accessibility adjustments,  preferred work environment, communication methods, interpersonal skills, etc. 

The User is not required to provide these details. However, a user who provides his details as aforesaid, hereby gives his consent to be included in the database maintained by the Company. It should be emphasized that the Company does not collect  Personal Information without the User's voluntary consent. 

In addition, during the User's use of the Company's platforms, information about the  User, browsing habits on the Company's platforms, services and products purchased by him on the Company's platforms, offers and services, advertisements and issues of interest, information pages he visited, registration for special services requiring registration, offers, and services, his IP address, browser type, operating system, and other statistical information, inter alia through Google Analytics (hereinafter: "General  Information" and/or "Non-Identifying Information"). 

There is no legal or other obligation that requires the user to provide any information and browse the Company's platforms and allow data about him to be collected, but in fact, by browsing the Company's platforms he consents to the collection of the information subject to its use under the provisions of this Privacy Policy and any law. It should be emphasized that for certain services he may not be able to browse the  Company's platforms and enjoy these services without providing information. 


Why Do We Collect Information? How We Use It? 

User's use of various services and content offered on the Company's platforms. 

For the purpose of improving, operating, and developing the Company's platforms,  including for the purpose of analyzing viewing and browsing habits that will enable the  Company to improve the plans and constructions of the Company's platforms for user convenience and usefulness, and to offer him offers, information, and services tailored to his needs and preferences or tailored to interest groups using the Company's platforms. Usually, the analysis of the information is statistical and does not identify the user personally. 

The user will use the Company's platforms for personal and non-commercial use only and undertakes to provide real, up-to-date information, in accordance with the registration form.  


Transfer of Information To a Third Party 

The Company will transfer the Personal Information to a third party only in one of the  following instances: 

• Upon the User's request and/or approval, including to potential employers. • For the purpose of complying with an instruction of a competent authority,  according to law, or according to a court or administrative order. 

• In any event of a dispute, claim, demand, or any legal proceedings between the  Company and the user. 

• Transfer of information to any entity related to the Company or affiliate thereof and/or in the event that the responsibility for the operation of the company's platforms and/or the services provided through them is transferred to another entity. 

• If the User uses the Company's platforms for the purpose of committing an illegal act or omission and/or in violation of the Terms of Use and Articles of  Association, or for the purpose of committing an act or omission that may harm the Company, its property, and its legitimate interests. 

• In any event where the Company deems that the provision of the information is  necessary to prevent serious damage to your body or property or to the body or  property of a third party 

It is clarified that the Company will not be restricted in any way in the transfer of general/non-identifying information at its sole discretion. 


User Consents. Right to Review, Update, and Delete 

Any information provided by the User through the Company's platforms, both as part of the registration and/or purchase of services and/or products through the Company's platforms, shall be provided voluntarily and with the full consent of the user, and shall constitute clear and explicit consent in compliance with the provisions of sections 11 and  17 of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981 and section 30A of the Communications  (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 5742-1982. 

The User may amend his Personal Information stored in the Company's databases and/or exercise his right to review, update or delete Personal Information by sending a request to It should be noted that deleting personal information from the databases will not prevent the use of non-personal information, as defined above.


Cookies and Similar Technologies  

For the purpose of carrying out its activities, including for the purpose of collecting information about the User's use of the Company's platforms, for the purpose of verifying the identity of a user of the Service or information on the Company's platforms, to enable the User to use the Company's platforms more conveniently, in order to uniquely analyze and adapt the Company's platforms to the User's needs and preferences, and for the purpose of information security activities, the Company uses and will use cookies, Pixels, Tags, Clear Gifs, Web Beacons and similar technologies. 

Cookies are small text files that are stored by the Company's servers via the browser on the hard drive of the computer you are using. The cookies do not contain information that identifies you personally, but they do include information about your activity on the  Company's platforms in a wide variety of aspects. You may choose, by changing the browser settings you use, to refuse to accept and save these cookies. The use of cookies allows the Company's platforms to provide you with fast and efficient service and also allows the collection of statistics about the use of the company platforms and will save you the need to enter your personal information at any time in the future. 

For the same purposes (including custom advertising), the Company also uses tools and  cookies of third parties, amongst which are also Google and Facebook tools, including: 

• Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Firebase 

• Facebook Pixel 

You can find out more information and control the information that these companies collect about you by visiting the links listed below.  



Please note that the information collected through these companies may be stored in databases outside Israel. 

Advertisements on Company Platforms and External Links 

The Company operates or may operate an independent delivery system of advertisements and content. Furthermore, the company enables and may enable in the future other third parties to run and operate the advertisements platforms on the  Company’s platforms. In this context, the user may view service offers, content, links,  information or advertisements of the company or any third parties - information or ads originating from external advertisers who collect information about the user, including by planting cookies on the user's computer. This is, among other things, for the purpose of analyzing information, customizing advertisements, and analyzing the user's needs.  This use is made in accordance with the privacy policies and terms of use of these companies' platforms and does not relate to the Company's privacy policy. If the user wishes to prevent such activity, he must act individually to prevent the collection of information in accordance with the privacy policy of these parties and the Company is in no way responsible for this content and/or publications. 


Data Security

In respect of its overall operations, and particularly on its platforms, the Company implements organizational and technical measures and procedures for information security. While these measures and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion into the Company's databases and platforms, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, the Company does not guarantee that the services and/or the use of the Company's platforms will be completely immune to unauthorized access to the information stored on them. 


Changes to the Privacy Policy 

The Company may change and/or update the Privacy Policy from time to time, without the need to give prior notice of such changes and/or updates. These changes will take effect immediately upon their publication on the Company's platforms. Your continued use of the Company's platforms shall be deemed to constitute your consent to the Privacy  Policy after it has been amended.

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