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Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Interviewing HR Superstars

The Magnet is a platform created by Skillset in which superstars from the HR world share ideas and talk to us about the use of technology in the #FutureOfWork.

We are so excited to have Sonya Meloff on this interview!

Sonya Meloff is the co-founder of Sales Talent Agency, Inc., co-founder of The Great Canadian Sales Competition, former director of enterprise sales at Monster and Advisory Board member of Skillset.

From a hiring perspective, what’s keeping you up at night?

The miss-match between the number of people that are unemployed or underemployed and the jobs that are available! We have millions of job vacancies seemingly in all markets across the globe and at the same time a mass number of people who are unemployed and actively looking for employment. We need better and more efficient matching solutions between those looking for work, and the jobs that are out there. We also need business leaders and hiring managers to be open to taking greater risk in the hiring process by hiring people based on their potential for talent vs proven experience.

If you had a magic wand, how would you fix hiring? And you can fix anything, candidates, hiring managers, technology, workflow, etc.

If I had a magic wand, I would want to see effective onboarding implemented for every single new hire! A good onboarding plan and onboarding experience drastically improves the likelihood of the hire being successful long term. Currently, part of the challenge that hiring managers have in hiring candidates who bring more 'potential talent' vs ' proven experience' is the time involved with onboarding. Especially in environments where a majority of the training and onboarding falls on a single manager, it can be incredibly taxing on the hiring manager. A magic onboarding machine that ensured a consistent and positive experience for all would be my wish!

How many recruiting technologies do you (or your team) currently use? Overall, what’s your satisfaction with these recruiting technologies?

We use lots of different technologies and are always looking to experiment with new technologies that can help recruiters deliver elite results. We currently use 7-10 different technologies, including sourcing tools, CRM, data access, communication, video, etc. Some days you love technology, some days you don't. :)

As of today, what’s your favorite sourcing hack?

For me personally, it's a double punch of phone, then email. Direct and personalized wins every day. And resilience! And passion!

From a recruiting tech perspective, what innovation(s) are you hoping to see in 2022?

I'm very interested personally in blockchain and decentralization and particularly with respect to the reference checking space. There are some companies that are doing interesting things and I'm excited to see the space evolve.

If your recruiting technologies budget was slashed to (nearly) nothing, what would be the one technology that you fight for? Only one. And why?

LinkedIn Recruiter.

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