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Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers in Our Concise FAQ

  • How does TaTiO qualify candidates for me?
    Candidates are engaged in simulation assessments that mimic the core tasks of a specific job in its unique environment. AI analysis tracks their performance online and provides detailed data about their competencies.
  • Where does your pool of candidates come from?
    Candidate Marketing - inviting candidates to experience "on the job" assessments in a non stressful environment and provide them with a career path report. This channel brings an untapped pool of talent. Partnership channels- collaborations with lead national and local NGO and companies who provide services to underrepresented populations - non profit organizations and local workforce boards. Silver Medalists - Through agreements with existing TaTiO clients, we build a pool of recently rejected candidates and make them available to other organizations that leverage the TaTiO platform.
  • How does TaTiO determine the match between an employer and candidate?
    The match is a combination of job specific performance requirements qualified using core tasks and each company’s general requirements (location, salary, education, etc.)
  • What is TaTiO’s privacy policy?
    We do not disclose candidates’ private information without their approval.
  • How does TaTiO help clients keep up with DEI measures?
    The platform ensures blind testing, and an evaluation that is competency and skills-based. In addition, working with diversity channels and organizations guarantees a diverse talent pool.
  • What ATS are integrated with TaTiO ?
    The TaTiO platform is integrated with many of the leading ATS platforms, and can be integrated easily to specialized systems using our APIs. Contact us for more details.
  • I want to open a position that is not on the list, can I still use your platform?
    Yes, we have the ability to work with any type of industry within days. Contact us for more details.
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