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5 Questions to Improve Your ROI (Return on Interview)

Addressing your candidate’s skills and capabilities when interviewing is almost obvious… but how we do so is less trivial.

Here are some interview questions worth considering:

  • What should your last workplace do to be more successful?

This highlights your candidate’s critical thinking skills, strategic capacity, and ability to see the big picture. It also shows what your candidate is seeking in their next role by addressing what was missing in their previous one.

  • Where do you see yourself a few years from now?

Your job is to find people who will grow in your organization. Understanding your candidate’s long-term goals is critical for retention and promotion opportunities. Red flag if your company is not a place that can help them achieve their objectives, for they may be dissatisfied and perform poorly, or even resign.

  • Why did you leave your last job?

Consider if the available role satisfies your candidate’s needs. You can point out those benefits if they exist, or set expectations sooner, rather than later. Hiring someone who will be unhappy in their role serves no one…

  • What was the most challenging thing you faced in your last workplace?

Understanding how your candidate handled the situation uncovers creativity and perseverance, while further demonstrating how they tackle challenges.

  • What was the most interesting thing you did in your last position?

Understand your candidate’s interests. Do the day-to-day tasks of the available role inspire your candidate? Would they feel fulfilled in this role? You know the role and company culture best; as the gatekeeper, you are as much an advisor as you are a hirer.

In sum, hiring is a two way street; candidates and employers should feel satisfied, alike. A successful business grows with happy employees who utilize their talent and provide maximum value to the company.

When hiring your next candidate, ask the right questions to maximize mutual success.

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