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Help Veterans Join The Workforce

Updated: Nov 28, 2022


Veterans day. November 11.

18 million active veterans in North America.

According to the US Department of Labor, the unemployment rate for Veterans in October 2022 was 2.7%.

While this regular unemployment rate is also relatively low, standing at 3.7% in October 2022, the challenges facing veterans seeking employment are unique.

Many veterans do not have a 4-year degree. And while the job market may be easing this restriction in certain cases, it still means that the door is automatically closed to many veterans.

Add this barrier to other unique issues that veterans face in their search for employment including disability and mental health issues often arising from the loss of identity when transitioning out of the military. And the most challenging of all - a lack of job continuity translates into a situation where veterans have historically had a much more difficult time finding and keeping gainful employment.

Hence the multitude of organizations and companies specializing in veteran hiring. Their programs offer free mentoring, networking with corporate partners, and further job-seeking assistance.

Our mantra is to always prefer competencies over resumes, and the story of veterans is the perfect example.

The discrimination or bias that comes with resumes affirms their overall issues when it comes to veterans. These individuals acquired tremendous skills during their service, and resumes are not enough to speak for their compatibility to fulfill civil positions.

The obstacle veterans face in finding employment could get a positive push from employers who realize they can overlook resumes. If you assess someone’s skills in a job context and they perform the job-related tasks terrifically, why not hire them? It is true about all job seekers, and especially true in regards to veterans, who may have less than satisfactory resumes, but can show off amazing abilities that will provide businesses with great value.

Allowing job seekers to excel in a job before you even interview them is just smart business. This is how to ensure you don’t miss out on great workers and become more effective when interviewing only relevant people for the role.

Looking at competencies can not only guarantee filling positions with qualified candidates but also give a chance to those who struggle to be employed after serving the country.

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