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How to Evaluate Tech Solutions

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Finding and assessing solutions to improve your organization

Change, though rewarding, can be daunting. Here are some ideas to consider which help minimize transition costs and maximize return-on-investment when evaluating new tech solutions.

Identify your problem

What is making your job harder than necessary? Where do you experience the most friction, day-to-day? Where do you feel your company is wasting time and money?

Keep an open mind

The partner you choose should be an expert in the field. They may offer solutions to problems that you didn’t even know existed.

Consider the internal effect of change

Who would be most affected by the new solution? Resistance to change can stem from loss of control, insecurities about competencies, concern about more work, and general uncertainties. Proactively work with your vendor to address these concerns and alleviate these ripple effects.

Usage costs

Is this solution user-friendly, or will it bring more problems than assistance? Is onboarding training required? Is there a customer support program available? Are you able to opt out if the solution does not meet your needs?

Valuable insights on fostering these tech solutions in an optimized manner can be derived from the healthcare industry.

Look forward

The best technology partners will be able to support your organization as it grows. Make sure they understand your short, mid, and long term goals and can grow with you. This prevents searching for new solutions later on, saving money and time for all levels of your organization.

Start small, and expand with success

Find a solution that can solve most of your problems, as is. Work with the vendor for 60-90 days, address any dissatisfaction upfront, and only then decide next steps. Resist over-customization at first, so as not to back yourself into a corner and burn a lot of time if the solution falls short of expectations.

Sources: Forbes, Itonics

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