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Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Interviewing HR Superstars

The Magnet is a platform created by Skillset in which superstars from the HR world share ideas and talk to us about the use of technology in the #FutureOfWork.

We are so excited to kick off with the amazing Efrat Dagan!

Efrat is the former global staffing lead at Google, head of talent at Lyft, head of global talent acquisition at Next Insurance and the current owner of Workaround.

From a hiring perspective, what’s keeping you up at night?

Currently hiring teams are under a lot of pressure to deliver, and a lot of teams are

either understaffed or have new-ish teams with huge goals. It’s basically a race

against the clock.

If you had a magic wand, how would you fix hiring? And you can fix anything, candidates, hiring managers, technology, workflow, etc.

Probably a few things:

  • Hiring processes are still quite wasteful and this fact has implications for all involved. Cutting through the noise with the right technologies is just a matter of time. It would allow us as recruiters to focus on the candidate and hiring manager and not searching endlessly for the right candidate.

  • Raising the standard on how hiring processes look and feel: it’s time to make them fun, interesting and compelling. Who said hiring processes should be excruciating?

  • Provide actionable insights that would allow hiring teams to fix hiring in real time: nothing is constant in our hiring process but having the right info while responding in real time is a game changer.

How many recruiting technologies do you (or your team) currently use? Overall, what’s your satisfaction with these recruiting technologies?

Probably with 4-5 technologies, there’s a lot of fragmentation and we as hiring teams would probably use more if they could. If there was some consolidation on this front It would greatly help them use more. Recruiting technology should be seamless with our work as recruiters. There’s still some work to do around making those technologies work at scale and deliver on promise.

As of today, what’s your favorite sourcing hack?

At the end of the day my network is still my secret to hacking sourcing more than any Technology :) I’m waiting for technology to catch up.

From a recruiting tech perspective, what innovation(s) are you hoping to see in 2022?

I would like to see recruiting tools that bring real, scalable and sustainable impact-meaning they have a real effect on the ability to deliver. They should be instrumental in making recruiting easier and more effective and quality of hire better. They should solve the availability of talent and become our main source of hire.

If your recruiting technologies budget was slashed to (nearly) nothing, what would be the one technology that you fight for? Only one. And why?

Probably we would still invest in a good ATS, it’s impossible to run hiring without a good system that can operate the whole process. It would great if that ATS could be a much more sophisticated and help us find, focus and engage with the candidates leveraging the most advanced technologies.

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