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Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Interviewing HR Superstars

The Magnet is a platform created by Skillset in which superstars from the HR world share

ideas and talk to us about the use of technology in the #FutureOfWork.

We are so excited to have the industry's treasure Gerry Crispin for this interview!

Gerry Crispin is the principal and co-founder of CareerXroads, former adjunct faculty at Cornell University, former manager at Shaker Recruitment Marketing and former HR director at Johnson & Johnson.

From a hiring perspective, what’s keeping you up at night?

I spend a good deal of time listening to those who are hiring and there is no doubt that a variety of issues keep them up at night.

- recruiters often have their hands tied behind their backs when it comes to attracting diverse candidates. While employers may say they want to do the right thing, they still, too often, restrict recruiters' access to the demographics of the candidate pool and fail to support aligning the degree of a slate's diversity to the depth of the job's underrepresentation. The employer too often caves to a hiring manager's demands to speed up the hiring process when they could have easily anticipated retention failures and begum souring well in advance.

- Uncertainty about whether today's decisions regarding remote versus hybrid versus office requirements are affecting whether top candidates are willing to go forward

- Finally, equity is not high on many leaders' lists of concerns. As a result engagement of candidates over perceived fairness around the treatment of candidates and employees impacts the friction of the recruiting process driving referrals and re-applications of quality silver medalists down.

If you had a magic wand, how would you fix hiring? And you can fix anything, candidates, hiring managers, technology, workflow, etc.

Lets simply say that my wand would, like Wonder Woman's lasso, force full transparency from both employer and candidate. If an employer can ask and learn about every work relationship of a candidate and why they ended, it seems the candidate should know everything about all the people who have worked for the hiring manager- especially those who are most like the candidate.... where those prior employees all are now. And that would be only the first of my 20 questions as a candidate.

How many recruiting technologies do you (or your team) currently use? Overall, what’s your satisfaction with these recruiting technologies?

The typical large enterprise is using 28 different recruiting technologies and their overall satisfaction is relatively low. None of the stakeholders are fully satisfied. Recruiters want the best of-breed tools and expect someone else to integrate them. Their bosses want the efficiency of a single dashboard. Their SIOPs want predictive validity. The hiring manager wants to automate the matching so he/she can spend less time. The CHRO is pressured to reduce costs by tacking on to their HR Enterprise suite a poorly thought through recruiting module and the CEO is looking to pass the whole problem on to someone on the outside

As of today, what’s your favorite sourcing hack?

Exporting all the 1st order connections of each of the team members from LI and matching those I can infer are diverse to the opening I've got to fil

From a recruiting tech perspective, what innovation(s) are you hoping to see in 2022?

Someone, anyone who can offer tools to increase the decision-making capability of the candidate. Not likely though. Practically, I would hope to see an evolution of the tech-based mentoring and coaching platforms that have proliferated in 2021. They need to go well beyond their current state to align with a new generation of workers who are looking to align their work with their job, their job with their career, and their career with their stage in life

If your recruiting technologies budget was slashed to (nearly) nothing, what would be the one technology that you fight for? Only one. And why?

A program for data collection, analysis and insights from employees, candidates and customers (not leaders) that leads to a comprehensive understanding of our employment brand that we then curate, publish and promote as a truthful view of who we are and aspire to be.

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