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Explore the New Frontier in Recruitment with TaTiO

Be among the first to explore, engage, and elevate your recruitment experience with a complimentary 45-day journey. Your feedback is the key to helping us enhance the usability and functionality for a new era in talent acquisition.

Get a 45-day free trial and improve
your recruitment experience

Drive more applications and foster a proactive candidate mindset from the get-go


Elevate Application Numbers 

Be part of creating memorable recruitment experiences that resonate with candidates.


Maximize Conversion Efficiency

Your input helps refine our tools, leading to higher conversion rates throughout your hiring process.


Build a Reliable Candidate Pool

Contribute to developing a system that consistently yields highly qualified candidates you can trust.

Introducing Virtual
Job Simulations 

Virtual Job Simulations are interactive online scenarios that invite candidates to try out the role they are interested in.
The cutting-edge simulations provide candidates with a captivating experience, igniting their interest and motivating them to apply and stay engaged throughout the process, while also assessing their skills and suitability for the position.

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Experience the Power of Virtual Job Simulations

Try a short version of our simulations. Offer candidates a firsthand preview of their prospective position and gain invaluable insights into their performance

Essential Resources

A toolbox to support your journey -
for you to use and share

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Try Virtual Job Simulations Yourself!

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