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Transforming Candidate Engagement - A Case Study with Enstructure

Updated: Aug 22, 2023


This case study highlights how Enstructure, a US-domestic maritime logistics company, used TaTiO's Virtual Job Simulations to achieve remarkable candidate engagement. By implementing this AI-based engagement tool, Enstructure overcame their challenges of hiring forklift operators in high volume, resulting in improved application rates, reduced time-to-hire, and an overall more efficient hiring process.

Client Background

Enstructure is a leading maritime logistics company in the United States, operating a vast network of marine terminals, warehouses, cold storage, and logistics assets. With approximately 1,000 employees, they faced a significant surge in demand from a new client, requiring urgent hiring of forklift operators.

The Challenge

Enstructure's warehouse managers were confronted with the need to hire a large number of forklift operators promptly. However, their existing hiring process was time-consuming and unable to cope with the high volume of candidates. The managers struggled to conduct numerous interviews and needed a more efficient solution to attract and retain engaged candidates who possessed the necessary skills.

The TaTiO Solution

TaTiO introduced its AI-based Virtual Job Simulations as an engagement tool for Enstructure. Enstructure took proactive measures to maximize their candidate reach by integrating TaTiO into their sourcing efforts. They strategically incorporated the simulations into their website and job ads, providing early exposure and enticing candidates to explore the opportunity further. This approach enabled Enstructure to rise above the noise and capture the attention of potential applicants who may have been overlooked through traditional sourcing methods.

By adopting a method that focused on skills-based simulations rather than the conventional text-based approach used by other companies, Enstructure showcased its forward-thinking approach to candidate engagement. This innovation allowed them to engage candidates on a deeper level and create a more immersive experience of the job.

Results Achieved

Through the implementation of TaTiO's Virtual Job Simulations, Enstructure achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • Increased Application Rates: TaTiO's engaging simulations led to a 25% rise in application rates compared to previous methods, expanding the talent pool available to Enstructure.

  • High Interview Scheduling Rate: Successful assessment completion by candidates resulted in a 49% interview scheduling rate, showcasing genuine interest sparked by the virtual job simulations.

  • Impressive Interview Show-Up Rate: TaTiO's immersive simulations ensured a 90% interview show-up rate, indicating strong candidate commitment and saving Enstructure valuable time and effort.

  • Effective Hiring Rate from Interviews: The simulations accurately assessed skills and suitability, yielding a 75% hiring rate from interviewed candidates, reinforcing the efficacy of Enstructure's unique approach.

  • Reduced Time-to-Hire: Enstructure's time-to-hire dropped from two weeks to one week with TaTiO's streamlined process, meeting urgent staffing needs promptly and enhancing operational efficiency.


TaTiO's Virtual Job Simulations proved to be a game-changer for Enstructure's candidate engagement and hiring process. By adopting a skills-based approach and leveraging AI-based solutions, Enstructure was able to efficiently handle the surge in demand, attract top talent, and secure qualified forklift operators for their operations. The increased application rates, high interview show-up rates, reduced time-to-hire, and drop-off rate reduction, all attributed to their innovative approach, showcased Enstructure's ability to stand out above the crowd in the competitive recruitment landscape.

This successful implementation of TaTiO's engagement tool further reinforces how companies like Enstructure can gain a competitive edge by embracing forward-thinking and skills-based recruitment methods, ultimately ensuring they have the skilled workforce necessary to deliver exceptional maritime logistics services.

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